Crane’s Jamarius “Sug” Sneed is the Most Overrated Basketball Player in the City of Chicago!

Crane’s Jamarius (Sug) Sneed.

While many players around the city could stake claim to the title, such as the Wake Forest commit and Morgan Park Mustang Marcus Watson, Simeon’s (not so super) sophomore Jalen Drake, and Orr’s injury prone Damarius Splunge, only 1 stood out from the rest!

The city’s most overrated player this season belongs to Crane Cougars Jamarius (Sug) Sneed. The 6’3” (listed at 6’5”) muscular wing was the runaway winner of the award.  Sug, who ran with Team Rose 17U this summer, has been a fixture on the court for the Cougars and double digit scorer on the varsity level for the last 3 years. 

After leading his team out of the White division into the Red his sophomore year, he has continued to play at a decent level, but hasn’t elevated his play since.  

When you see him in the crip line and warming up, you get captivated with his high flying acrobatics and smooth jelly rolls, but there seems to be no substance behind it. While he does finish well at the rim at times, usually on the second jump after missing the first attempt, his game outside of the paint is questionable at best.

Right now he is no better than a 3rd or 4th ball handler on a not so good Crane team. HIS jump shot is non-existent, as most games he doesn’t even attempt any.  Many teams just have began to back off him on defense and force him to shoot. Right now his range is limited, as anything outside of 8 feet seems to be outside of his shooting range. 

While it’s always up to the individual player to work on his game, we here at ChiScoops just can’t look past the lack of development that seems to be going on at the Crane Medical Prep High School.

Led by the #6 ranked coach in the White West and the new Face of Team Rose, this Crane program doesn’t seem to have the tools to get kids better.

Our belief is that Jamarius (Sug) Sneed is a very talented player that has the ability to continue playing ball at the next level (NAIA). However, due to his lack of development over the last few years, he is a few steps behind where he should be.

In closing, like Khalil Whitley before him, Sug might need to escape Coach Crowder if he want to have success.


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